Welcome to the website for the Decolonise Sociology working group. The group was established on the 31st October 2017 to pursue the decolonisation of the Cambridge Sociology Department. The working group consists of student and faculty members, divided into four subcommittees...[read more]

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What is decolonisation?

Decolonising sociology involves a recognition of exploitative and excluded sociological knowledges, a reassessment of who and what counts as canonical within sociology, and a re-imagining for what constitutes sociological thought in the first place. [read more]

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Write for our blog

We're always looking for new content for our blog. You might want to write about your experiences, observations, or studies - all is welcome! Don't worry about word count...[read more]

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Sociology Seminar 30th Jan

Professor Gurminder Bhambra will be delivering a lecture titled "A Postcolonial Rethinking of the State and Nation: From Comparative to Connected Sociologies", taking place from 12:30-2pm in Room B, 17 Mill Lane.

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